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BEAUTY SALONS: the Outlook for the Professional Beauty Care Sector

Growth potential in the demand for beauty treatments.

At the start of the 20th century, less than 10% of the French population visited hair salons.  Today, every woman regularly visits her hair salon to ensure that her hair looks nice.  

Today, less than 10% of women receive beauty care from a beauty salon. 

In two decades, this figure will increase three-fold. Indeed, the demand for beauty care and for personal treatments is increasing every year, due to greater knowledge within the sector and growth in the number of beauty salons, in conjunction with salons becoming more and more professional. 

Thus, becoming a GUINOT affiliated salon will enable you to develop your professional beauty care business, in a market with a great future.

With GUINOT, you will be able to provide Exclusive Treatments to enhance the appearance of the Face and the Body. You and will be able to offer innovative Hair Removal methods which will enable you to obtain spectacular and visible results. 

GUINOT's Exclusive Star treatments:



Hair Removal

GUINOT is also the benchmark brand in the Beauty Salon sector. GUINOT's Beauty Care products are hugely successful with even the most demanding of women.   

All Guinot products are formulated in our Technologically Advanced Laboratories:  white rooms, purified air and water which is continuously tested, double-checking of weights, traceability of each product.