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The official website of the brand is a website which provides information only.  

We do not sell our products on a direct basis on the INTERNET because our products are professional beauty care products to be used and prescribed by beauty therapists who are qualified and who have been trained by our own staff. 

Guinot believes that a cosmetic product can only be effective if it suits your skin type and beauty goals. Therefore, a consultation must first take place with your beauty therapist. 

If you purchase a Guinot product from sources other than an accredited Guinot salon or spa, you are running the risk of buying a product which is counterfeit or which has been misappropriated (it may have been stored in poor conditions, badly handled, or be past its use-by date, etc.). 

Guinot declines all responsibility regarding the safety and quality of any Guinot-branded products bought from sources other than an accredited Guinot salon or spa.