Anti-breakage hair removal

 For perfect and comfortable hair removal.

Warm rosin-free resin, with nylon fibres.

 Rosin can cause skin reactions and allergic respiratory conditions

The STICK'HAIR® hair removal method is recommended for difficult hair and sensitive areas.

All hair is removed, right down to the roots.

Two weeks after a STICK'HAIR® hair removal session, hair regrowth has clearly slowed.

After three weeks, no ingrown hairs have appeared, unlike standard methods.   

 Thanks to the nylon fibres in the resin and the notched spatula all hairs are enveloped, allowing for optimal hair removal.

               STICK' HAIR                            Standard hair removal


The notched spatula aids with application of the nylon fibre resin, straightening and coating the entire hair.schema-epilation-stickhair2

Hair removal is easier, more pleasant and comfortable.

To make hair removal easier, exfoliate before.

After each hair removal session, the beauty therapist carefully applies Sérum Epil Confort, which enables: 

- Slow hair regrowth. 

- Soothing of discomfort.                      

At home, apply Epil Confort range to slow hair regrowth.

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