Epil Smart® for Men

Perfect hair removal, using "cold resin"

Get clear skin, no redness or ingrown hairs, thanks to perfect hair removal, which removes the entire hair without breakage. Even short hairs are removed.

Cold rosin-free resin for perfect skin tolerance.

Rosin can cause skin reactions and allergic respiratory conditions.

100 % comfortable 100% effective 

Your skin is smooth, without the redness and ingrown hairs resulting from traditional waxing methods. 

The heated spatula melts the cold resin on the skin. The hair is then coated at the base, without the resin adhering to the skin. This enables the hair to be pulled out by the root. 

Hair removal is less painful than with traditional waxing methods.

To make hair removal easier, exfoliate before. After each hair removal session, the beauty therapist will gently apply Sérum Epil Confort, which enables:  

- Slow hair regrowth.

- Soothing of discomfort. At home, apply Epil Confort range to slow down hair regrowth.

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