Skin renewal treatment

 Real alternative to aesthetic medicine for :

- Erase visible signs of ageing

- Recover a radiant complexion

- Attenuate dark spots

- Brighten skin tone

 100 % of women found their complexion more radiant, luminous and eventoned, and their skin softer and smoother*.

80 % of women felt that their dark spots had diminished and their face was visibly younger-looking**.

*Tests on a panel of 10 subjects after 1 reatments
** Tests on a panel of 10 subjects after 3 treatments

 - The Hydra PH Peeling exfoliates skin deep-down, targets dark spots and pigmentation.

- The Hydra Neuve Massage regenerates skin cells and restores PH balance.
- The Hydra Beauté Mask soothes skin and enhances beauty.

- Protect the client’s eye and lip contours (see protocol).

- Do not leave the treatment room during the session and reassure the client that warming and prickling sensations are normal.
- Sweep the brush over the face during the Hydra PH Peeling phase.
- Avoid prolonged sun exposure 24 hours. after the Treatment.
- Apply a face cream with SPF.
45 min

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