• Crème Minceur Chrono

    Concentrated Body Slimming Cream

    Minceur Chrono Logic penetrates and combats stubborn cellulite due to its high concentration of active ingredients.

    The results are visible after 15 days of use. The skin is firmer and smoother.

    Cellulysium and Bromelaine improve the penetration of active ingredients into the heart of fat cells to aid the slimming process.

    They curb the development of fat and stimulate the elimination of lipids

    Using circular movements, apply morning and evening to the areas of concern as an initial intensive 15-day treatment course.

    Texture : Serum – Cream

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    The advice of the expert

    Pour un résultat optimal, utilisez Minceur Chrono Logic Entre 2 Soins® cabine, accompagné d'une alimentation équilibrée.

  • Gommage Peau d’Orange

    Exfoliating Slimming Body Gel

    - Smoothes and softens the skin
    - Reduces the skin’s orange peel appearance

    Caffeine: helps eliminate stored fat.

    Ivy: Helps eliminate excess fluid.

    Coffee beans, papaya extract and lemon extract: enable double exfoliation - mechanical and enzymatic - in order to eliminate dead skin cells and encourage the absorption of active slimming ingredients.

    Apply two to three times a week in circular massages, focusing on the areas of concern (stomach, thighs, buttocks, etc.) then rinse.

    Texture : Gel

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    The advice of the expert

    Use in combination of MINCEUR RAPIDE to boost the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Crème Sculpt Expert

    Reshaping and firming body cream

    - Firms and restores skin density
    - Visibly reshapes the figure

    Hydroxyproline: boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres to reinforce and repair the support fibres.

    Brown algae: helps prevent the deterioration of collagen and elastin fi bres that make up the skin’s structure.

    Polysaccharides: lift, soften and smooth the skin.

    Apply daily to the entire body, focusing on areas that tend to slacken (abdomen, thighs, arms, etc.).

    Texture : Cream

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    The advice of the expert

    Apply mornig and evening with circular massages

  • Slim Logic Slimming Capsules

    Slimming Nutritional Supplement – Body

    The capsules help burn fat to maximise slimming.
    They ensure continuity for Treatment and Treatment Products actions.

    REDUCE FAT: Guarana and Kola nuts help with weight management and to burn fat.

    REDUCE FLUID: Hibiscus helps the body eliminate toxins and excess water.

    Take one capsule during breakfast and one capsule during lunch. For adult use only. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Use in addition to Treatment Courses and the Slimming Cream. The Cure can be renewed several times a year.

    Texture : Capsules

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  • Slim Logic Slimming Cream

    Anti-cellulite Slimming Cream – Body

    The figure is resculpted, contours are slimmed down

    The cellulite is smoothed away, the skin’s orange peel aspect is visibly minimised

    After 1 month application : -1,8cm off the waistline(1), -1,8cm off hip circumference(2), -1,6cm off thigh circumference(1)

    Average loss, (1) Panel of 5 test subjects, (2) Panel of 6 test subjects

    REDUCES FAT : Caffeine is known for triggering the process of breaking down fat and Cellulysium for preventing the storage of fat.
    INNOVATION – Délipogénase II helps increase and accelerate the process of breaking down fat by rendering "storage" adipocytes active, like "combustion" adipocytes: adipocytes burn more fat than they store, resulting in maximum effective slimming. 
    REDUCES FLUID : Ivy is known for detoxifying and boosting the microcirculation.
    Its creamy texture, delicately scented, is rapidly absorbed and enables to get dressed immediately. 

    Apply morning and evening to all areas of concern.

    Texture : Cream

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