Slim Logic Salon Treatment

Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment with Caffein

Double-action manual Treatment method:
- Reduces fat due to manual techniques and Caffeine
- Reduces fluid due to a body wrap (‘sauna’ effect)

The skin appears more radiant immediately after the Treatment.

As a Treatment course consisting of several Treatments:
- The figure is resculpted and the contours are slimmer
- The skin’s orange peel appearance is visibly reduced

Enzymatic exfoliation helps boost the absorption of active slimming ingredients and reinforces the Treatment’s effectiveness. Furthermore, Ginger helps stimulate the microcirculation and boost drainage.

Fat-reducing massage combines effective manual techniques known to mobilise fat and break down fat deposits. Caffeine helps burn fat.

The anti-fluid retention body wrap drains due to an occlusive effect, eliminates excess fluid in the tissues due to Alginates and burns fat due to Caffeine. The peeloff mask does not require showering. The anti-fluid retention body wrap refines

This Treatment is ideal for women with unwanted curves and cellulite.

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